Our Prices


Real Estate Sale and Purchase - Residential Properties

  • Sale of one residential property with one mortgage discharge -                                                                                $750 including disbursements and taxes
  • Purchase of one residential property with one mortgage -                                                                      $1,200 including disbursements and taxes*
  • Mortgage Refinancing - discharge of one mortgage and registration of one new mortgage -      $850 including disbursements and taxes*


Wills and Estates Administration

  • Will for one person - $650 including disbursements and taxes
  • Wills for one couple - $1,000 including disbursements and taxes
  • Power of Attorney for one person - $350 plus disbursements and taxes
  • Representation Agreement for one person - $500 plus disbursements and taxes
  • ​Probate of Will - $3,500 plus disbursements and taxes



  • $30 per signature (tax included)
  • Independent Legal Advice - $100 including taxes


​​*The price above does not include property transfer tax, title insurance, strata forms fee, insurance binder fee,                     move-in/move-out fee, bank wiring fee, and/or bank draft/certified cheque fee (if applicable).

Fees will be added for each additional mortgage or assignment of rents.

Extra fees may apply for newly-built homes or homes worth $1.5M or higher.

Extra charges may apply when dealing with non-major lenders, and/or closings that encounter unusual or difficult circumstances. 


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